Can I sterilize flexible endoscopes?

Yes, but they must not be rolled inside the involucres and they must have the lumen ends open (please see Chapter VI of Instruction Manual, on point 1 – Sterilization Cycles – Cycle 3 – Endoscopes).This type of material to sterilize must be packed with compatible material.

Can I use common paper in the Sterifast sterilizers?

Yes, but it must be in very small amounts, for example, very small labels.
The common paper absorbs the Sterilizing Agent removing it from the chamber, especially near the labels, and will result in more Sterilizing Agent waste (please see Chapter VII of Instruction Manual, on point 2 – Loading the Sterilization Chamber).

What kind of material should I use for the packaging?

You should use pouches or paper prepared for this sterilization method, recommended by Sterifast, Lda (please see Chapter VII of Instruction Manual– on point 1- Material’s Sterilization – Materials that can be sterilized in the Sterifast).

What kind of Biological indicators should I use?

Sterifast Company recommends to use of APPROVED® Biological Indicators (SCBI) with a population 106 GeobacillusStearothermophilusin the chamber and packed in the Tyvek® Reel.
Our range of tests also includes a Biological Indicator with a population of 106 which has been developed with the purpose to be placed inside a lumen Process Challenge Device also developed for this test, Sterifast mark.

What kind of Chemical indicators should I use?

We recommend APPROVED® chemical indicators.
One chemical indicator must be placed in each package.
We do not recommend the placement of chemical indicators inside of the Process Challenge Device.

How can I validate the sterilizer?

Our Company’s service department has qualified personnel to validate the sterilizers.
The validation kit is a small equipment which can be mounted near the sterilizer. It is independent of the automation and validates independently all the cycle data, informing the operator if the cycle passed according to the manufacturer graphs and a complete executed cycle report is supplied.

How can I interpret the sterilizer’s report?

At the end of the cycle, the Sterifast sterilizers print out a report of values of the various cycle phases, diffusion phases and the time spent in each phase. The report also has the maximum values of the pressure of the air entry in the diffusion and the temperature that the cycle occurred. It records any fail during the cycle and a blank space is available so the operator can sign and validate the report. 
If necessary, other print outs can be done by accessing saved data. In each report are included the cycle file name saved in the system (that will be year, month, day and cycle number processed in this particular day – e.g. 20131022 001). This operation is only possible if no cycle is running at the moment.
Basically, the report informs that all the phases have been passed.
In case of phase failure, it will appear in the report. The report indicates if the cycle passed or not.
The Sterilizing Agent refilling can also be recorded.

What is the danger level of this sterilizer?

The Sterifast sterilizers do not emit toxic gas. (Sterilizing Agent is corrosive, but nontoxic).

What precautions should be considered for cleaning the Sterifast sterilizers?

To clean the sterilizer chamber you must turn on the sterilizer and select one of the cycles, in order to open the doors. Turn off the sterilizer until the cleaning is finished.
The sterilization chamber can be cleaned with a wet cloth and water. The water should not be placed directly into the chamber because it damages the vacuum pump. After the cleaning, the door should be kept open until the chamber is completely dry.
Periodically, the chamber exhaustion filter must be cleaned or replaced.
The chamber must be cleaned every week due to natural deposit of dust.
The outside surfaces can be cleaned with appropriated cleaners. In our Sterifast range of products we have the suitable cleaners.
All the cleaning actions must be done at the beginning of the day when the machine is cold.

How should I clean the touch screen?

First you have to turn the machine “OFF” and then you can clean it with a wet cloth or with some special product for cleaning PC screens.

Can I burn myself when operating the Sterifast sterilizers?
The chamber and doors temperature is at most 60ºC which cannot lead to accidental burnings. Nevertheless, if you have a sensitive skin, you should use gloves when unloading the chamber at the end of the cycle as the material could still be hot.

Is there any risk of explosion?

There is no danger. The cycle runs in vacuum.
Sterifast sterilizers are programmed to report any irregular situation.
The equipment was developed with high concern about the personnel safety.
When refilling the Sterilizing Agent, it is not possible to touch it directly.
If you have any question, please contact the production and manufacturing department for further information.

Who should do the Sterifast sterilizers maintenance?

The maintenance should only be done by the manufacturer and recommended companies with a Sterifast training.
The Sterifast sterilizers may have telemaintenance service. This service is activated according to the agreement between the manufacturer and the hospital.
It’s possible, using an Ethernet connection, to verify from our facilities the functionalities of the sterilizers and show all the information in the sterilizer screen and all the steps that should be followed. By these means, any qualified technician can replace the damaged parts that were recommended by the machine’s report.

Can I use some other kind of Sterilizing Agent in the Sterifast sterilizers?

You cannot use any product which is not recommended for use with this equipment.
The Sterifast sterilizers have been studied and developed together with the Sterilizing Agent.
It is not possible to introduce any other kind of Sterilizing Agent in the sterilizer tank because it has a safety system that detects if any non recommended Sterilizing Agent has been introduced.
Any attempt to refill manually the Sterifast tank will be detected and the machine will be blocked after some cycles until the authorized technician’s intervention.
Sterifast Company will not take responsibility for the use of other Sterilizing Agent that is not Sterifast Sterilizing Agent, or for the resulting damages.

What should I do if there is a breakdown?

You have to read and note any information given by the machine.
Refer to the user manual for any help. If you do not find the needed information, you should contact the manufacturer or the authorized agent.
Together with your Instruction Manual you will get a Non Conformity record sheet. Please record on it all verified malfunctions, breakdowns or strange situations. These must be reported to your Sterifast supplier or manufacturer. This information is very important and will support us on constant improvement of Sterifast equipment, and for customer’s satisfaction.

How can I buy Sterifast products?

You can buy directly from Sterifast Company, or from the exclusive distributors.

Who has developed the Sterifast sterilizers?

Sterifast sterilizers have been developed by a large and young team. The basis was the new method of using hydrogen peroxide as a Sterilizing Agent, which has been registered. This team tried hard to make the machine performing, ergonomic, safe and also attractive.
Soon, you will find on our website the names of the elements that made this project possible.
If you have any opinion about the Sterifast sterilizers, do not hesitate to sending it to the manufacturer and we will be pleased to take it into consideration.
Our customer’s opinion is very important to us.

What is the best place to install the Sterifast sterilizers?

The sterilizers should be placed in any ventilated room as the unit releases heat.
Furthermore, concerning the two doors units, it must be mounted in sanitary barrier zones, like CSSD.
The Sterifast sterilizers do not require any specific connection. Its only necessary to have an electrical power supply.
The Sterifast sterilizers include, as an option, stainless steel sections to fix the sterilizer to the walls.

How does the cycle run?

The sterilizers has been studied in order to have fast cycles and even to be able to sterilize lumen.
Basically, in the chamber, the cycle runs in high vacuum which is attained thanks to the most innovative vacuum technology and a double stage vacuum pump. 
After an initial vacuum, air is injected into the chamber by a Hepa filter in order to remove any possible humidity from the instruments to be sterilized and to lead it to the drain trap by means of the vacuum system.
After the second vacuum phase, the Sterilizing Agent is injected into the chamber and the diffusion phase begins. Then the exhaustion and the Sterilizing Agent burning phases begin.
After the burning phase, a chamber ventilation phase follows and the cycle is concluded.
Finally a report is printed out.

The PC Software became slow, what should I do?
The PC’s memory might be busy. Restart the PC and open the software again.

The door does not seal, what should I do? 
Open the door completely and close it again.
If the problem persists please call a Sterifast Technician.
Check the gasket for damage and dirt. 
After each cycle the door should be open completely and close again to machine let user start a new cycle. This feature is to help the user to not initiate a new cycle without taking out the indicators of the previous cycle.

Do the automatic sliding doors have safety system for the stoppage during their sliding movement in case of any obstacle? If yes, what happens next?

The sliding door only opens when the operator gives the instruction on the screen or by pressing the foot pedal on the premium machines.
If the door is open

for more than 10 minutes, the door closes automatically to save energy (the minute’s countdown is shown on the screen). If the time (10 minutes) is ending and the operator needs the door opened for more time it is necessary to press the pedal again. It will count 10 minutes more.
There is a bar sensor in the door, sensitive to 150 grams. During the close movement, once pressed this sensor reverts the movement of the door and waits 10 more minutes. With the indication of the operator the door closes