The organization banks on the acquired knowledge of its founder, Mr. Helder Gonçalves, along 34 years in several areas, specially mechanics, electricity and electronics.
In ambit of sterilizing equipment, his professional experience started more than 33 years ago in one of the most important Portuguese manufacturers in the segment, where he participated in the development and construction of sterilizers. He also had the opportunity to conclude several studies which he introduced in some sterilizers’ models.During the time collaborating with that manufacturer, Mr. Hélder Gonçalves specialized in the manufacturer’s brand.
Later his way passed the SUCH Company where he could get in contact with various brands and models of sterilizers, also participating in the development and automation conception for application in sterilizing systems.
He was also a pioneer in the development of sterilization cycles by formaldehyde in Portugal.
Then in 1992 he decided to move from Lisbon to Boticas, a tranquil village in the northern Portugal, and started his own Company.
In 1997 his company became a society named Hélder Gonçalves – AssistênciaTécnica de Equipamentos, Lda.
Afterwards the company collaborates and establishes co-partnerships with various institutions, like many national hospitals, searching for optimizing the most appropriate cycles for the necessity of the emergent processes of sterilization, having inserted integral systems of sterilization.
Huge projects of sterilization by pure steam in the industry have also been in the strategy of the company, already making the first steps in this area.
The company obtained certification of it’s Quality Management System according to ISO 9001 in September 2005.
In February 2007 the certification scope has been enlarged to include Conception and Development of sterilization and disinfection equipment.
A big change occurred in the beginning of 2012. The company was divided into two different companies. Hélder Gonçalves – AssistênciaTécnica de Equipamentos, Lda. is now managed by Mr. Helder Gonçalves’ son and is dedicated to the service and maintenance of sterilizers. Mr. Helder Gonçalves himself manages his new company “Sterifast – Sterilization & Disinfection Systems, Lda” which main purpose is the Research and Development of Low Temperature Solutions for Sterilization and Disinfection and is focused on selling turnkey projects to manufacturers as well as consumables and some special Sterifast components.
Either the Sterifast equipment and the sterilization process are protected by the patent PCT/PT2007/000029 with International Publication number WO2009008755A1.
Sterifast Lda.is also the only manufacturer of H2O2 Biological/Chemical Indicator Evaluator Resistometers worldwide who sold this kind of equipment on the global market.
In November 2013 we introduced the new ECOPlasma  systems, both having a new technology that allows the use of much lower concentrations of hydrogen peroxide.
As a Known Consignor for air cargo (PT/KC/00006-01/0813) is able to ship products (including sterilizing agents) in a shorter time.