Sterifast 50% H2O2

EcoPlasma 35% H2O2

OZOPlasma 25% H2O2


Only the use of recommended Sterilizing Agent is allowed as the sterilizer recognition system will only recognizes the bottles of Sterilizing Agent produced by Sterifast Lda.
Any contact of the operator with the Sterilizing Agent is prevented since the recharge drawer only opens after the operator’s indication when the sterilizer warns about the need of a new supply of Sterilizing Agent. The refilling begins automatically after the operator’s instruction on the touch screen.
The refilling process of the sterilizer is completely automatic, avoiding any accidental contact of the operator with the product.

After the automatic emptying of the bottle the drawer opens, allowing the closure of the bottle – using a cap supplied within the recharges kit – and then its removal from the drawer.

The Sterilizing Agent is corrosive but nontoxic as it is anhydrogen peroxide (H2O2) aqueous solution.

Each box of recharges includes instructions and recommendations on convenient handling of the Sterilizing Agent.


  • Sterilizing agents are not toxic
  • Low concentrations of H2O2 result in lowest corrosion of materials
  • No hazardous emissions. The sterilization process exhaustion results in only water and oxygen by-products