What is a STERIFAST Resistometer?

The STERIFAST Resistometersare being developed to serve as BIER/CIER Vessels for manufactures of biological and chemical indicators to check the performance of their products.

The equipment is designed to meet all necessary requirements and might have special adjustments depending on the customers’ needs.

Main features of STERIFAST Resistometers are:

  • Automatic and Manual injection system of the sterilizing agent;
  • Vacuum pump heating system;
  • Leak Test;
  • Penetration Test;
  • Record of temperature, pressure, relative humidity, concentration and D-Value calculation;
  • Management of the resistometer by computer / touch screen;
  • Manual operation of all functions of the Resistometer;
  • Selection of all parameters of the cycle to run;
  • Selection of temperature of chamber, doors and vaporizer;
  • Recorder values’ calibration system;
  • Double door models;

What is the STERIFAST Low Temperat ure Plasma Sterilizer?

Sterifast is the new low temperature sterilizer studied and prepared to sterilize medical devices in general and thermo-sensitive medical devices. Sterifast sterilization process is based on the hydrogen peroxide vapor injection in a sterilization chamber at a controlled temperature.This equipment has two doors that work in “inter lock” allowing the sanitary barrier and includes a high vacuum system.

The automation system is composed of a computer with a touch screen and a PLC with analogical and digital outputs.

Thanks to the vaporizer used in the Sterifast, it is possible to sterilize medical devices with hydrogen peroxide vapor (H2O2) as Sterilizing Agent.

One of the characteristics of the Sterifast is to enable fast sterilization cycles and a system that allows the dosing inside the vaporizer in a complete absence of air.

The sterilization chamber is filled with hydrogen peroxide after the relative humidity inside the chamber has been reduced. The sterilization occurs inside the Sterifast chamber by means of hydrogen peroxide saturation.